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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ScareScape Located?
ScareScape is located at Heritage Hill Event Venue, 28701 Los Alamos Heights Rd, Murrieta, CA 92563. When you arrive onsite at Heritage Hill, you will be directed by ScareScape Parking Attendants to the correct parking location, Box Office, and shuttle station.

What are your hours?
ScareScape is open 6:30PM-11PM Friday and Saturday, and 6:30PM-10PM Sunday. All guests MUST board the ScareScape shuttle a minimum of one hour before closing to ensure entry into the event.

I do not want to go through any of the mazes, do I still need a ticket? 
Yes, any guest wanting to attend ScareScape, even if they will not be going through the mazes, needs a general admission ticket.

Are there ins and outs of this event?

No, there are not any exit/re-entry allowed at ScareScape under any circumstances.

Is there an age limit?
ScareScape is intended for adult guests. As the content of this event is intended to be intensely scary, we do not recommend this event for guests under 12 years of age and under. Any minors attending must be accompanied by an adult. There are not “child tickets” available for this event.

Can I use a rideshare app to attend this event?
Yes, we highly encourage you to use a rideshare app to attend this event. Specific rideshare stations will be available for both drop-off and pick-up in the event parking lot. Guests who utilize a rideshare app will not need to pay a parking fee.

Can I pay for parking onsite, or do I have to buy my parking ticket online?
Parking will be available on a first-come-first-served basis until the lot is full, at which time you will be directed to an overflow lot. Purchasing your ticket online guarantees you a parking spot in our event lot (not overflow lot) and is the best price point available for parking.

Can I wear a costume?
Yes, you can attend ScareScape in costume, with the exception of facepaint and face masks. If you attend ScareScape with a facemask or with your face painted, you will be required to remove the mask/paint before entry into the event. Please note that any prop weapons must be made of foam and have no sharp points or edges. Absolutely no prop firearms are allowed on the premises at any time.

Is this event wheelchair accessible?
Yes, ScareScape is ADA compliant.

Are prices the same every day?
No, prices are dynamic and may be higher or lower depending on the day you attend. We encourage guests to attend during the first two weeks and/or on Sundays to find the best deals.

What is the ticket price?
Tickets start at $25 for General Admission (online only), and $45 for VIP (online only). We recommend that guests buy their tickets online to save time and money. Tickets are less expensive when purchased online at least 24 hours in advance. ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL – NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.

What is the VIP Ticket?
ScareScape VIP tickets offer the most bang for your buck, they include VIP admission to ScareScape, admission to ScareScape parking shuttle, unlimited access to (3) General Admission mazes, access to Scare Zone, access to Entertainment Zone PLUS exclusive access to (1) VIP Maze, and access to VIP Lounge + Bar.

Are there rides at ScareScape?
No, there are no rides at ScareScape.

What time is the live entertainment at ScareScape?
Our DJs will be spinning and our specialty performers will be making surprise appearances on select nights.

Can I bring food and drinks with me to the event?
Outside food and beverage are not allowed inside the ScareScape event. Drinks and food may be purchased inside the event at one of the vendors onsite.

What items are not allowed at ScareScape?
The following items are not allowed at ScareScape and will be confiscated:

Knives/Weapons Etc., Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia, Gang Related Clothing And Items, Disorderly Conduct, Wallet Chains, Face Masks/Face Paint, Pepper Spray, Coolers, Flashlights And Laser Pointers, Carabiner Key, Chains (Larger Than Three Inches), Outside Food & Beverage.

Confiscated items will not be returned.

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