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Dare to embark on this bone-chilling adventure,  where the spirits of the past await your presence… But be warned, once you enter, you may find it difficult to leave their ghostly grasp behind. Prepare yourself for a journey beyond death into the ghastly realm of the supernatural, where the echoes of the past linger and the spirits trapped within are desperate to communicate with the living. As you navigate the winding corridors, an abandoned graveyard, murky swamps and the descent into the depths of the forgotten catacombs, beware the spectral remains of lost souls who lie unresting, emerging from the shadows only to lay claim to yet another living soul.

Home is a place where one’s soul goes to heal, to find solace, to be at peace, even beyond the grave. There lie a few exceptions, of those wayward souls who find themselves trapped in a cursed rendition of our living plane, eternally tormented as they lay unforgiving between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Step into their nightmare, stuck in their last tortuous moments, forever yearning to move beyond the veil. A home full of half-dead wayward souls,  they haunt the living, immersing our souls in their endless misery and catapulting us into their descent into immutable madness. 

The Void

In the ultimate test of courage, you must face The Void. All senses are at their peak as you feel your way through total blackout… the only advice we have is: there is NO LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. 

Brace yourself to enter the show of a lifetime, or should we say a show to END a lifetime… Tear back the curtains on a macabre world of twisted performers, flashing lights, haunting melodies, and grotesque sideshow stars, though these are the least of your worries. Holding dominion over this hair-raising jamboree is a band of maniacal clowns, risen from their eternal slumber, driven to play sinister games of life and death with guests who dare to enter.

*Admission to Delirium maze is included in the VIP ticket type only.

Sideshow Spirit Lounge

In the dark corners of every circus camp, you’ll find the sideshow. Just beyond the big top stripes, you’ll wander into a mysterious sideshow bar where you just might rub elbows with classic “freak show performers” like the bearded lady, the swamp creature, and the fortune teller. Step right up for the libation of your life at this VIP Bar + Lounge!

*Admission to Sideshow Spirit Lounge is included in the VIP ticket only.

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